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Some of the process to become a Pilot in India

The Board Verification Certificate is a certificate issued by your education board stating that the marks mentioned in your mark sheet are correct and not doctored in any manner. The verification certificate is fairly crucial from applying for a Computer number to getting your Commercial Pilot's License. This process is different for different boards. For CBSE it's hassle-free and the board verification certificate is readily available online. Please refer to your individual education board's website for further details on how to apply for a Board Verification Certificate.

Class II medicals

A class 2 medical is the preliminary medical license required by all aspiring pilots to get their PPL (Private Pilot's License) issued. The class 2 medical license is mandated before anyone applies for a class 1 medical license. Only if someone clears the tests mentioned under the class 2 medical examination, he/she can apply for a class 1 medical examination. To apply for a class 2 medical, candidates can go to DGCA's website and select from the list of DGCA empanelled, class 2 medical examiners. Upon selection, an appointment needs to be fixed with the examiner. On the date of the medical examination, you will be asked by the medical examiner about any pre-existing medical conditions. This is followed by a colour-blindness test, BMI test and a general health checkup.

Class 1 medical is the final stage of pilot medicals in India. Only after successful verification of class 2 medical records and issuance of a PMR number, candidates are allowed to apply for a class 1 medical examination. A class 1 medical certificate is mandatory for the issuance of a Commercial Pilot License. The initial DGCA Class 1 medical examinations can only be carried out at Air force medical examination centres or one of the two private hospitals mentioned on DGCA's website.

A Police Verification Certificate is simply a character certificate issued by the police authorities of your local jurisdiction or by the nearest passport office stating there are no criminal records found against you, to date, according to the police records and you are of good moral character. From applying for your visa(if flying abroad) to getting your Commercial pilot's license issued, a PVC is required in every step. The validity of a PVC depends on the state and certain states issue them online. Please check your respective state's website for further clarification, on how to apply for one.

A computer number is a unique identification number for pilots, required by DGCA and issued by the CEO(Central Examination Organisation). From applying, for your DGCA CPL papers to getting your Commercial Pilot's License issued, a computer number is required in every step. To apply for the allotment of a computer number along with several other documents a board verification certificate is needed. It takes generally 1- 2 months to get your Computer Number issued, so keeping in mind the time factor required, apply well ahead.

A good foundation is pivotal while raising a tall building, likewise, before you headstart your Commercial Pilot Training, a thorough knowledge of all the CPL subjects is mandatory. This is where the ground classes come in handy. DGCA mandates a candidate should pass all these subject papers along with getting their 200 flying hours before a Commercial Pilot License is issued. The respective subjects are Air Regulations, Aviation Meteorology, Technical general, Technical specific, Air Navigation and Radio Telephony(RTR).

Certain countries require you to undergo a few medical tests before your visa application is granted. This is completely different from a CLASS II or CLASS I medical and has no relation to DGCA. For the respective tests and the hospitals accredited to conduct the same, please go through the visa issuing website of that particular country.

Once the visa medical is done and all the related documents are uploaded or submitted, the visa will be issued. Generally, it is the student visa that you will apply for(if you are doing your flight training from abroad). Depending on the country, candidates might need to visit the visa office or certain countries also issue student visas online.

SPL stands for Student Pilot's License. SPL is the preliminary license one needs to achieve before getting a PPL and CPL. An oral examination shall be conducted by a representative of the DGCA on the following subjects for the issuance of an SPL-

SPL will be issued by the Flying Academy after the following requirements are satisfied-The trainee shall not be less than 16 years of age on the date of application for the issue of SPL. Should have passed 10th or equivalent examination from a recognized Board.

FRTOL stands for FLIGHT RADIO TELEPHONY OPERATOR'S LICENSE and is mandatory to professionally handle the radio equipment on board an Indian registered aircraft.There are two types of FRTOL- Restricted and Non-restricted. FRTOL non-restricted is mandatory for issuance of CPL and it can be only obtained by passing the Radio Telephony Restricted Licence (RTR) exam conducted by WPC, India and clearing the written exam conducted by DGCA or by converting the RTR obtained from foreign contracting states such as UK Or NZ to an Indian RTR.

This provides students with a solid foundation of theoretical and practical flying training, allowing them to meet the required standard to secure a relevant pilot license to pursue a full-time career as a Commercial Pilot. A candidate must clear the above mentioned 5 DGCA subject papers and must have 200 flying hours under his belt, to get a Commercial Pilot License issued.

Candidates completing their flying training from foreign ICAO contracting states need to fulfil certain criteria to get their Foreign Commercial Pilot license converted to a DGCA CPL. The pre- requisites are as follows-

Once all the pre-requisites are achieved along with the general flying tests by day and night, candidates need to submit the hard copy for the License Conversion Application, with all the other required documents at DGCA. Recently DGCA also made the whole process online to minimize hassle for applicants.Once submitted and if found satisfactory the applicant's Commercial Pilot License is issued by DGCA, within one month.

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